Welcome to RINtrust

The most trusted names in the biodiesel industry have collaborated to offer a RIN verification program to the biodiesel industry.  The new program provides true verification and trusted results through RINtrust, LLC.

RINtrust was formed specifically to provide a simple, economical approach to RIN verification that does not expose a biodiesel company’s sensitive and proprietary data to outside entities. 

The fully developed program combines the RFS2 engineering expertise, inventory and yield management  and accounting attestation expertise that results in a verifiable RIN.  All verified RINs will be found in a database that can be accessed by obligated parties.  In addition, participating plants will be identified on this RINtrust web site.

RINtrust’s pledge is to provide economical services that not only ensure the validity of the RINs but also adds significant value to the biodiesel facility.  The RINtrust program combines existing knowledge and services that:

  • Are comprehensive and user friendly
  • Are cost effective and add value to the company bottom line
  • Provide the highest level of RIN integrity possible

RIN fraud and RIN verification have emerged as key factors in in the future of the biofuels industry.  Because of a few bad apples, all advanced fuel plants are now held to a higher standard to prove that their RINs are legitimate.  Verification of RINs should not be a cumbersome and costly exercise for a biofuel plant.  There is no need to expose every aspect of your operation to entities and individuals that you don’t know.  The verification process should add value to your operation, not be a cost center.

Frazier Barnes & Associates, one of the most trusted names in the biodiesel industry, has formed RINtrust, a comprehensive and discreet RFS2 compliance and RIN Integrity program.  FBA already conducts RFS2 Engineering Reviews and has implemented cost effective inventory management systems in a number of plants.  FBA is already working with plants, blenders, and obligated parties to ensure RIN integrity, manage inventory, and monitor process yields. RINTRUST is committed to a RIN verification process that enables a biofuels plant to produce RINs in confidence - while simultaneously gaining valuable information about process economics and yields.

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